How to use your photo gallery

This guide explains how to use your photo gallery for viewing and sharing photos, selecting your favorites, ordering prints, and downloading all images. The photo gallery was designed to be easy to use on your desktop computer or mobile devices.

Links and Icons

When the gallery first loads, you will see all of the photos in the first album. In most cases this is the Highlights Album. A list of albums are always shown so you can move easily among them.

photo gallery buttons.jpg

Viewing Tips

  • To see a larger version of a photo, click or tap on it. 
  • To move thru the photos, click the right/left arrow buttons, use the right/left arrow keys on your keyboard or swipe on your tablet or smartphone.
  • To go back to the page with all the images when viewing a single photo, click the “X” in the upper right or press the escape key.
  • To see a slideshow of all the photos, use a desktop computer, click on the first photo and click on the slideshow link at the top of the page.

Sharing and Selecting Favorites

  • To share a single photo, click the share icon (arrow) on the photo. Please leave the watermark on the images when sharing unless it's for a cover or profile picture.
  • To save a favorite photo, click the heart icon on the photo.
  • To view all of your favorites, click on the heart icon at the top of the page. On that page, you can send your favorites to me to start the album building process or to inquire about retouching photos.

Purchasing Photos

  • To buy a photo, click the buy photo icon (shopping cart) and you will select the sizes and quantities needed. You can keep shopping for more photos or view the shopping cart and checkout using the link at the top of the page.

Downloading Photos

  • To download all of the photos, click the download icon at the top of the page. This is only visible and active when you are viewing all the photos and using a laptop or desktop computer. Mobile devices generally do not have enough storage space to hold all of the photos so the option is not available.
  • You will be notified via email when the zip file is ready for downloading. Once you have the zip file downloaded on your computer, you may need to download an unzipping application in order to open the zip file and save them in a folder.
  • There are 3 different photo sizes to download:

Web Size (1024px)
Web size version of the image has a resolution of 1024px on the width. The file sizes for these are much smaller and therefore are faster to download and upload. They are ideal for sharing on Social Media or for quick viewing.

High Resolution  (3500px) (No watermark)
High Resolution photos has a size of 3500px on the long edge. They can be used to print photos up to poster size canvases and is more than sufficient for web use. With High Resolution photos you are able to obtain the high quality images while enjoying a much faster download experience and the files are easier to manage.

Original (Full Res) (No watermark)
Original images are as the name suggests, the original files exactly as they were uploaded. You will be downloading the full resolution files without any compression or re-sizing. They take up more space and will take much longer to download.


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